October 15 small group meeting at the McCormick’s

Thank you Art and Barb for welcoming us into your home.  It was good to be together again as we discussed the first chapter of Trusting God entitled ‘Can You Trust God?’  How helpful it is when we all share insights into this journey of learning to trust Him more completely.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

“As Solomon has said, ‘We do not know what a day may bring forth’ (Proverbs 27:1). Someone has described life as having a thick curtain hung across one’s path, a curtain that recedes before us as we advance, but only step by step.  None of us can tell what is beyond that curtain; none of us can tell what events a single day or hour may bring into our lives.  Sometimes the receding curtain reveals events much as we had expected them; often it reveals events most unexpected and frequently most undesired.  Such events, unfolding in ways contrary to our desires and expectations, frequently fill our hearts with anxiety, frustrations, heartache, and grief.”  (page 13&14)

  • How we anticipate what lies behind the next receding curtain (whether fearful or hopeful) reveals to what degree we are trusting God.
  • If God’s promises, purchased by his own Son’s blood, are true and trustworthy, only good awaits us behind the curtain – come what may.
  • He sovereignly, lovingly and wisely keeps, holds and guides us as we walk this unpredictable path.

The following three essential truths are immensely helpful in fighting unbelief in the midst of adversity:

  • God is completely sovereign. (Lamentations 3:37&38)
  • God is infinite in wisdom. (Romans 11:33 & Isaiah 55:9)
  • God is perfect in love. (Lamentations 3:32-33)

As we grow in the knowledge of all three of these attributes we find strength, peace and courage for this walk.

Remember our next meeting is not for three weeks on November 5th at the Hoffer’s.  We’ll finish discussing chapter one and begin chapter two then.  Watch this site for preparation questions on chapter two.

MccormicksFall decorations welcome us to the McCormicks!

A wonderful prayer as we prepare to discuss how knowing God strengthens our faith: http://blogs.thegospelcoalition.org/justintaylor/2015/10/06/anselms-prayer-for-fullness-of-joy-in-god/

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