To See Such a God

David Brainerd’s new birth:

“As I was walking in a dark thick grove, ‘unspeakable glory’ seemed to open to the view and apprehension of my soul….It was a new inward apprehension or view that I had of God; such as I never had before, nor anything that I had the least remembrance of it.  So that I stood still and wondered and admired ….I had now no particular apprehension of any one person of the Trinity, either the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, but it appeared to be the divine glory and splendor that I then beheld.  And my soul ‘rejoiced with joy unspeakable’ to see such a God, such a glorious divine being, and I was inwardly pleased and satisfied that he should be God over all forever and ever.  My soul was so captivated and delighted with the excellency, the loveliness and the greatness and other perfections of God that I was even swallowed up in him, at least to that degree that I had no thought , as I remember at first, about my own salvation or scarce that there was such a creature as I.
    Thus the Lord, I trust, brought me to a hearty desire to exalt him, to set him on the throne and to ‘seek first his Kingdom,’ i.e. principally and ultimately to aim at his honor and glory as the King and sovereign of the universe, which is the foundation of the religion Jesus Christ has taught….I felt myself in a new world….I wondered that all the world did not comply with this way of salvation entirely by the ‘righteousness of Christ.’ “
From Jonathan Edwards, The Life of David Brainerd


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